Continuing education in medicine (CEM)

Continuing education in medicine (CEM) is a compulsory system for keeping healthcare professionals up to date. It aims to meet the needs of patients and to disseminate advances, skills and attitudes useful for competent practice and expertise.

CEM is managed by providers, accredited by the regions and national bodies. Providers are responsible for their training products, directly assign CEM credits and ensure the quality, transparency, correctness and efficacy of their products/procedures. Since 2015, MAGI has been organising CEM courses taught by top professional figures.

The annual CEM programmes organised by MAGI are based on a series of seminars (total 40 hours) held by doctors and researchers expert in different fields of modern molecular medicine. The seminars bring participants up to date with molecular diagnostics and closer to the world of scientific research so that they can understand its latest advances.

Genetic diseases, modern techniques of biomolecular investigation, clinical trial design and planning, clinical applications of gene therapy and legal/ethical aspects of these topics are some examples of the arguments discussed in these lessons. During the meetings, participants are provided with additional tools for understanding the biology of human diseases and the therapies that research is continually developing.